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Make Tewin Village Hall better: become a member and win cash prizes

How the Hall is funded

Tewin Village HallOur village hall is well used, but the income leaves no surplus for substantial maintenance and improvements. Although grants are available towards some of the costs and we hold jumble sales and village fetes to augment the funds, we need to be providing additional regular income to ensure the facility is never short of maintenance funds.
It is now 10 years since we restarted the Supporters Club. We started with 163 members and now have about 250. Since then we have raised £20,658 for the Hall and paid out £13,442 in prizes. Funds for the Hall include Gift Aid whereby we can claim a tax refund of £1.50 on half of each £12 membership. This is possible when a member is a taxpayer and signs a short declaration.

How it works

A £12 annual membership entitles participation in a monthly draw: 50% of the subscription goes to the Hall funds and 50% to prizes, these currently total around £125 per month.

Become a Member

Becoming a member means you adhere to the Supporters Club Terms & Conditions.
If you would like to join the supporters club, call Lisa Bove 01438 798546 or email, alternatively, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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