Hire Costs

Tewin Memorial Village Hall hire costs as at 1 April 2013

What is the cost to hire the entire Memorial Hall?

At the top end of the range you can hire the main hall (complete with stage), plus the adjoining Kimberley room (complete with serving area /bar), and the fully equipped kitchen on Saturday or Sunday for just £248 for the whole day. The same areas can be hired for the whole day on a weekday Monday to Friday for £126.

What is the cost to hire individual rooms?

You can also hire the main hall without the Kimberley room; and for smaller events, you can just hire the Kimberley room (with or without the kitchen). There are rates for morning, afternoon and evening. And rooms can also be booked by the hour. As you would expect, weekdays are cheaper than weekends; morning or afternoon is cheaper than evening. (Bank Holidays count as weekends.)

Some examples of hire rates are:-

  • main hall and Kimberley Room and kitchen all day Saturday £248
  • main hall and kitchen on Saturday evening £88
  • main hall and kitchen on Sunday afternoon £42
  • main hall and kitchen any weekday morning £25.50
  • Kimberley room any weekday afternoon £20 (with kitchen £22)
  • Kimberley Room only any weekday evening £27.50

Please contact us about your specific requirements and we will confirm the hire charge

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Rental Period – 1 hour

Hire confirmed by paying 50% of the hire fee which is non-refundable.

Balance payable not later than one month before event date.